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Yume-no-Ki is a pension near Lake Yamanaka offering griddle-cooked dishes and wine made with seasonal ingredients. We have been featured numerous times on television, in magazines and elsewhere.
Visitors can enjoy views from their guestrooms of Mount Fuji, Japan's tallest mountain, and savor griddle-cooked meat made using "Wine Beef" (beef from cattle fed on grape pomace) accompanied by Yamanashi Prefecture wines carefully selected by the sommelier, who is also the pension owner. Moreover, the entire facility is non-smoking to ensure that each customer enjoys the crisp, clean air of the highlands.

Six Features of Yume-no-Ki

  • 納得の食事夕食は鉄板焼き&朝食はホットサンド

    Popular meals: Griddle-cooked dishes for dinner and hot sandwiches for breakfast

    Meals are made to please using local ingredients from Yamanashi, an area with a plethora of hidden culinary gems. Enjoy griddle-cooked dishes with all five of your senses at dinner, and wake up to a freshly-cooked hot sandwich for breakfast.

  • 【2大メイン】貴重な甲州ワインビーフ&忍野湧水虹鱒

    Two rare griddle-cooked main selections: Koshu Wine Beef and Oshino spring-water rainbow trout

    Savor Oshino spring-water rainbow trout, raised on snowmelt from Mount Fuji, as well as Koshu Wine Beef, a high-end Yamanashi specialty using meat from cattle raised on grape pomace.

  • シニアソムリエ厳選山梨県産ワイン

    Sommelier Hand-picked Wines from Yamanashi Prefecture

    Our sommelier, who is also the facility's owner, visits wineries throughout the famous wine production region of Yamanashi Prefecture and carefully selects wines that customers can truly enjoy.

  • 全客室より富士山眺望

    Mount Fuji views from all rooms (with balconies), Serta mattresses, and convenient pillow-side electrical outlets

    Each room, equipped with a balcony, offers a view of majestic Mount Fuji. Furthermore, all rooms are design for comfort, equipped with Serta mattresses (which boast the leading US market share) and convenient pillow-side electrical and USB charging outlets.

  • 完全な禁煙宿

    Fully non-smoking facility for all guests (no designated smoking area available)

    We operate a fully non-smoking facility; guests who smoke are asked to refrain from staying here. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but it is important for our facility atmosphere.

  • リーズナブルな料金設定

    Fair prices and special bonus gifts

    Griddle-cooked dishes, which are normally quite expensive, are included in the lodging price here at Yume-no-Ki. Female lodgers will receive a stylish set of oil blotting paper or a bookmark—free of charge!



Koshu Wine Beef

From cattle raised to provide high-quality red meat and rich, sweet flavor
Because cattle is raised on polyphenol-rich grape pomace feed, Koshu Wine Beef undergoes less oxidation than beef from cattle raised on standard feed, resulting in more tender, redder meat. This also reduces unpleasant beef smells, making for beef that is easier to eat rare.

  • 写真:甲州ワインビーフ
  • 写真:甲州ワインビーフ
  • 写真:甲州ワインビーフ
  • 写真:虹鱒(ニジマス)の鉄板焼き Griddle-cooked Rainbow Trout
    Rainbow trout à la meunière, raised in the famous spring waters of Oshino Village at the foot of Mount Fuji
  • 写真:朝食のオリジナルサンドウィッチ Original-recipe Hot Sandwich for Breakfast
    Start the day off with a freshly cooked hot sandwich
  • 写真:山梨県産厳選のワインリスト 写真:山梨県産厳選のワインリスト Wine Menu with Specially Selected Yamanashi Wines

Guestrooms and Facilities


Meticulously Designed

Wake up pull back the curtains first thing in the morning for a view of Japan's highest peak, Mount Fuji.

All guestrooms are equipped with balconies so visitors can enjoy the grandeur of Mount Fuji to the fullest. Furthermore, all rooms are located on the second floor, meaning noise from lodging guests in rooms above is not an issue.

■All rooms have balconies, toilets, washstands, heating and air conditioning, LCD televisions, refrigerators, hair dryers, bath towels, hand towels, and toothbrushes (please bring your own nightclothes)
■Rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and pillow-side electrical outlets
■The entire lodging facility is a non-smoking area. All guests are asked to refrain from smoking.

Lake Yamanaka Area Sightseeing

The Mount Fuji and Lake Yamanaka area, officially registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is abound in natural splendor. It's the perfect place to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time just relaxing. The following are some of the area's sightseeing spots.

  • 写真:山中湖花の都公園

    Lake Yamanaka Flower Park

  • 写真:山中湖温泉 紅富士の湯

    Yamanakako Benifuji no Yu(in Lake Yamanaka Hot Springs)

  • 写真:山中湖平野温泉 石割の湯

    Ishiwari no Yu(in Lake Yamanaka's Hirano Hot Springs)

  • 写真:サイクリングロード

    Lake Yamanaka Cycling Road

  • 写真:水陸両用バス 山中湖のカバ

    Yamanaka no Kaba amphibious bus

  • 写真:山中湖パノラマ台

    Lake Yamanaka Viewpoint

  • 写真:山中湖交流プラザきらら

    Yamanakako Communication Plaza KIRARA

  • 写真:忍野八海

    Oshino Hakkai

Other Sightseeing Spots

  • Gotemba Premium Outlets
  • Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine
  • Mount Fuji Fifth Station
  • Fuji Speedway
  • Oshino Shinobi no Sato (ninja village)
  • Fuji Safari Park
  • Fuji-Q Highland (amusement park)

Griddle-cooked Dishes and Wine Yume-no-Ki Pension


Located in a quiet area just inland from the shore of Lake Yamanaka, Yume-no-Ki sits on a property measuring about 700 tsubo (2,314 square meters / 24,908 square feet) in size. It was opened in 2010 by a married couple with experience in hotel work, and boasts views of Mount Fuji from every guestroom.

Although the surrounding area offers few dining options for visitors, Yume-no-Ki has you covered with griddle-cooked dishes made using local, seasonal ingredients, complemented by Yamanashi Prefecture wines. Moreover, facility offers a wonderfully private setting.

The property was once home to about 100 Japanese larch trees which were felled to construct the pension facility. The name Yume-no-Ki, which means "tree of dreams," was chosen in reflection of the owners' efforts to establish deep roots in the area and achieve growth reaching up to the sky just as the trees have, while also giving thanks to the trees themselves.

Yume-no-Ki was designed to provide comfortable, inviting spaces for lodging guests, and to convey all the charms that Yamanashi Prefecture has to offer. We look forward to your visit!

夢野樹の雰囲気① 夢野樹の雰囲気②

Yume-no-Ki Pension

Hirano, Yamanakako-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0502

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